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HOME The home page for the HAZOP Manager V7.0 Software
DEVELOPMENT HISTORY History of the HAZOP Manager Program - 29 years of continuous development
PROGRAM OVERVIEW Brief description of how the HAZOP Manager program is used within the context of a safety review
Study Preparation  
General Information Input Screen Project information, drawings & documents, team members etc... illustration
Keywords, Codes and Matrices Primary and Secondary Keywords, Hazard Categories, Severities, Risk Matrix and Severity Matrix... illustration
Node Headings Node description, drawings, team members, date reviewed, etc... illustration
Study Meeting Agenda Distributing an Agenda prior to the Hazop Study
Recording and Reporting  
Data Entry Screen Layout and configuration of the screen for recording deviation entries... illustration and animation
A typical Worksheet report page Spell checking, production of either hard copy, Adobe® Acrobat®, Microsoft® Word or HTML reports... illustration
An Action / Response Sheet Distributing Actions and receiving Responses (manual method)... illustration
Electronic distribution of Actions Distributing Actions and receiving Responses using Microsoft® Word... illustration
Action Tracking  
Action Responses in the data file Automatic input of responses and tracking progress... illustration
Hazop Action Response reviews Reviewing Action Responses (illustration) and producing, if necessary, 'further' Action Sheets (illustration)
Completed Actions Review cycle to ensure all 'further' Actions are completed satisfactorily... illustration
Action Tracking Summary Emphasises the importance of having a robust and comprehensive action tracking and close-out system
FEATURES AND FACILITIES Briefly describes some of the features of the HAZOP Manager software
Configuration for different types of Safety Review Configuring the HAZOP Manager V7.0 software for other types of Safety Review... illustration
Utilising Resource Files Using information (e.g. Checklists) from Resource Files in your Safety Review... illustration and animation
The Causes Database Database of typical causes of deviations... illustration
SIL Analysis Use of the HAZOP Manager software to conduct SIL Analysis using Risk Graph or Safety Layer Matrix methodology... illustration
Text Macros Improving speed and efficiency during the Safety Review by using 'hotkeys' to input common phrases... illustration
Risk Matrix Estimating Risk using Severity and Frequency Codes.  Colour-coding of Risk factors for easy visual identification... illustration
Severity Matrix Using a matrix of Severities / Hazard Categories to maintain objectivity and consistency during the Hazop Study... illustration
Failure Rates Database A database of typical failure rates is provided with the HAZOP Manager Software... illustration
Alternative method of Risk Assessment Alternative method of assessing risk during the Hazop Study, taking into account protection and recommended action... illustration and animation
Scanning and reviewing entries Using the HAZOP Manager software to quickly scan and review the entries in the current Node... illustration
Importing Nodes Copy entire Nodes from one data file to another... illustration and animation
Data File Analysis Simple but powerful analysis tools to extract management information, track action progress etc... illustration
Reporting Analysis results Generating analysis reports (illustration) and exporting the results to Microsoft® Word and Excel (illustration)
DEMONSTRATION Gain a full appreciation of the comprehensive and versatile nature of the HAZOP Manager software by running or downloading the demonstration program.
View Run the HAZOP Manager software demonstration from this web site
Install Download a packaged installation for the demonstration program
Zipped Download a compressed file for manual installation of the HAZOP Manager software demonstration
Request a quotation Send email to request prices and other details
PROGRAM MAINTENANCE UPDATES The HAZOP Manager software is regularly updated with new features and improvements.  Existing users may download free of charge the latest release of their program.
Password request Send email to request the password required to run an update package
HAZOP Manager V7.0 Download the latest update for this program version, and view the list of improvements
HAZOP Manager V6.0 Download the latest update for this program version, and view the list of improvements
DESkey drivers Download DESkey drivers that are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
HAZOP V5.0 Download the final update for this program version, and view the list of improvements
HAZARD & OPERABILITY STUDIES A comprehensive description of Hazop Study Methodology
CONTACT INFORMATION Contact address, telephone, and email details