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The following list briefly describes some of the features of the HAZOP Manager software.  Where applicable, a link to an appropriate illustration and/or animation is included.  Only a few of the program's facilities are listed... the Demonstration program will give you a much more comprehensive understanding of how the software can assist you in running professionally managed safety reviews.

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Hazop Study Data File Options
Data File Options
  • Although the program is named HAZOP Manager, it can be used for many differing types of Safety Review.  Configuring a data file to accommodate a particular type of study is an extremely easy operation.  By simply selecting the appropriate options when the file is created, the software will automatically arrange the layout of data entry screens, and make adjustments to the user interface accordingly.  Aspects such as study reporting, action distribution and data file analysis will also be automatically modified where necessary.
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Hazop Study Resource File
A Resource File example
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Resource File Animation
Using a Resource File
  • Many types of Safety Review, such as Hazard Identification (HazId) Studies, require access to ancillary data such as check lists, project design specifications, etc.  During a study meeting you can display such information in the form of a Resource File, from which data can be easily transferred to the main study data file as required.  The program includes a facility that will allow you to easily create your own additional Resource Files.  For example, if the relevant data is already contained in existing company documentation, then this operation could be simply accomplished by copying and pasting the appropriate text into the new resource.
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Hazop Study Causes Database
The Causes Database
  • Another type of resource provided with the program is a Causes Database. This can be used during conventional Hazop Studies that employ keywords.  It lists typical causes for deviations, grouped under the relevant keyword combinations (e.g. Flow No, Pressure More, etc.).  The database may be easily amended and expanded, so that it becomes a repository of information that can be accessed during a study, and which is relevant to the plant and operating conditions of your organisation.
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SIL Analysis
SIL Analysis
  • The facility to conduct SIL Analyses is included in the program. This can be based upon either the Safety Layer Matrix or Risk Graph Methodologies defined in the IEC 61511 and ANSI/ISA-84.00.01 Standards.  The accompanying illustration depicts such an analysis being carried out as a separate assessment of specific pre-identified hazard scenarios.  However, it may also be employed during a conventional study, as and when the potential problem being discussed is deemed to warrant such analysis.


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